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Avast is one of the world’s best free antivirus software which is now offering the free license keys of Avast Internet Security 7 to all its customers. However, it is not for the first time that the company is offering such free license as we have already received free license of Avast internet security 11 from different online sites. Following is the quick recap of the available offer from the previous post.

This new antivirus software, coming from the house of Avast, again is being regarded as state-of-an-art software that has already created a buzz around. The built in features of this latest device has already earned appreciation from several of critics who are of the opinion that these features are about to be the future of any coming anti virus software product and the latest companies have started to learn the magic that helped in creating such an innovative software.

Avast Internet Security 7

The Avast Internet Security 7 features

Here are the best features of Avast anti virus 7 that made it so popular:

  • It is like a one stop solution as it combines several anti-virus products in single software. Unlike other anti virus software it works to prevent all kind of viruses be it spyware, malware and anti-spam. A user thus doesn’t have to pay extra amount to purchase individual software for individual viruses. The device also offers enough of firewall protection for any PCs.
  • It is such innovative software that can free you from the tension of credit card data loss. The software comes with a unique feature that is called safe zone. It helps in building a separate window on the run-time and it is only you who can use the window. Thus it will be quite impossible for anybody else to gain access to the credit card code, penetrating that window. You can now use the credit card freely and can shop in delight.
  • Avast Internet Security 7 interface

  • Earlier it was quite impossible for a user to protect a computer from hackers without having a real protection. Hardly any antivirus software were available that offered a real time protection for computers. However, this Avast anti virus software is special in this regard that it comes with a special technology called sand box. This technology is being used so that the software can create a virtual environment for user.

    It will help a user to cut off with his or her machine and to make it difficult for a hacker to point out the exact location of the computer. This particular technology is so effective and so unique that other anti-virus software manufacturers are also thinking of using this technology in their products.

  • If anti-virus software takes a lot of time to detect and prevent viruses then it is actually a useless stuff. This all new antivirus software make use of the cloud data base of Avast community that makes it sure that a system remains up-dated every time you re-boot it.
  • The cloud based technology that has been applied in the software provides you with lots of facilities. For example if you send a file to anybody, the receiver gets access to the status of the file much before it reaches him or her. This is because of the use an artificial intelligence that makes data sharing even faster, wile keeping you and your personal information totally safe and secure.
  • For any antivirus software suite, the firewall of the device works as the key factor and here in Avast Internet Security 7 it is the ultra-tech firewall that marks the difference between this software and others. This firewall can work in several ways. It not only helps in filtering unauthorized data but also helps in blocking hackers and in preventing Phishing attacks as well.
  • When you shop for AntiVirus software from Avast, the authority then create an online account for you so that they can keep record of your account history and remain updated. They also help in selecting infected websites so that you can place them in the banned list and stay away from those web sites.
  • Last but not the least the company also offers 24×7 customer supports so that you can get back to them any time you face a problem using the product.

The contest: Avast Internet Security 7 FREE License

Avast has arranged a contest where the company will provide the free license keys of Avast Internet Security 7 to 77 best members of its Facebook fan page. They will install the software and will answer a few simple questions. Here are few rules for the contests:

Step 1: Promotion remains open till April 3rd and winners name will be announced at May 10th

Contest details

Step 2: Top participant will get the opportunity to spend seven days and nights at his or her favorite location.

Step 3: Rest of the candidates will get the free license

Step 4: Visit Avast promo page and install the software (Just click the “Enter” button at the bottom of the fan page).

Step 5: Key in your personal details and answer simple questions.

Step 6: The top prizes are for two members only.

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