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Facebook is truly phenomenal in the internet world. It redefines how modern community communicate and keep ourselves up to date with the goings on of our peers. With hundreds of millions of people are already in the network, you could see how great the potential of Facebook has for marketing and advertising. Facebook has brought a lot aspects of our daily activities onto its platform and intricate them into its complicated network.

With so many things take place in Facebook, this is also the opportunity for scammers, hackers to look for easy prey. Facebook is consistently updating its security and at the same releasing an official guide (free ebook) of Facebook Security that benefits young people, educators and parents. Basically this guide shows us how to stay safe on Facebook and ensure your Facebook account protected from malicious links, scammers and imposters.

Facebook Security Official Guide features

  • Protect your Facebook account
  • Use advanced security settings
  • Avoid scammers
  • Stop imposters
  • Recover a hacked Facebook account

Facebook Security Official Guide also teaches you about the advanced security settings and unique tools that purposely built to keep your Facebook account safe. The tools include options for secure browsing, single sign-on, one-time passwords, login approvals, ability to monitor account activities, social authentication and ability to end account activity remotely.

At the end of the guide, you should find the top tips to stay secure on Facebook. Read it to find out. =D

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