Download Norton Antivirus 2012 90-day (3 months) FREE trial


Symantec has finally completed its beta testing on its 2 top products; Norton Antivirus 2012 and Norton Internet Security 2012 a couple days ago. So if you are now running the beta version, you can uninstall it and get the real deal to protect your PCs. Normally Norton Antivirus 2012 costs $39.95 but if you are hesitant of buying the product right away, you can test drive it for FREE for 90 days.

What’s new in Norton Antivirus 2012?

I’m not going to give an in-depth Norton Antivirus 2012 review in this post (will be writing a complete review on another post soon) but I will try my best to give brief highlight of new features in Norton Antivirus 2011 and see how much it has improved since the release of Norton Antivirus 2011.

The installation couldn’t be more simpler and easier, thanks to constant innovation brought by Symantec to make sure this security suite is easily managed by average users. The best part of Norton Antivirus 2012 installation is it doesn’t require a reboot; so you can launch the Norton Antivirus 2012 right away and check any threat almost instantly.

Auto Protect feature of Norton AntiVirus 2012 gives comprehensive real-time protection, working silently in the background. Download Insight 2.0 works much better by fully utilizing data from Norton users community, so Norton Antivirus 2012 can give early heads up of the dangerous files that may try to slip into your PC system. Another reputable feature is the enhanced SONAR behavior monitoring system that can make precise detection of malware activities.

Norton Antivirus 2012 has a lot of other features to offer which includes but not limited to checking your emails and instant messages for dangerous threats, schedule scans, monitoring your browser, network, application performance, and plenty more.

How to download Norton Antivirus 2012 90-day (3 months) FREE trial?

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