Remove Bitdefender Antivirus Completely with Bitdefender Uninstall Tool


Because of integration complexity between Windows system and most of recent applications, there are always some files or folders that are left in our PC even after performing complete un-installation. This could lead to undesired problems like computer lock down or other applications which related to the uninstalled program stop working properly.

Previously, I wrote an article on how to remove NOD32 Antivirus by using Nod32 Remover as well as another way of removing NOD32 antivirus manually (through Windows registry). This time around I will cover about Bitdefender removal tool.

Removing Bitdefender Products

When I personally installed Bitdefender antivirus, I didn’t find any difficulty to uninstall the software. Like the rest of other software, it can be easily uninstalled through “Add/Remove programs” (from Control Panel). While internet security suite is not easily removed (software is partially uninstalled), that is not really the case for Bitdefender software.

Even though it can be easily removed through control panel, Bitdefender still offers its own Bitdefender Removal tool for its users. It is a perfect solution to computer users that use Bitdefender 7.x / Bitdefender 8.x / Bitdefender 9.x / Bitdefender 10 / Bitdefender 11 and other recent Bitdefender software in their PCs.

Bitdefender Uninstall Tool is about 2.4 MB and it’s really a no brainer to use it. After downloading this little application, double click on it. This uninstaller will then try to locate any existing Bitdefender software in the system. When a Bitdefender software is detected, it will be available in the drop down of the product list.

You can then choose which Bitdefender software to be removed. If there isn’t any Bitdefender software detected in your PC, it will show nothing on the product list (the product list will automatically be disabled).

Bitdefender Uninstaller

Bitdefender Uninstaller

That’s pretty much about it. You can download Bitdefender Uninstall Tool from the link below.

Download link: Bitdefender Uninstall Tool 6.0.2900.2180 (updated on January 2012)
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