Remove password from PDF files with PDF Password Remover Tool [freeware]


PDF has comprehensive security feature that allows us to protect content in PDF format from being stolen. This is done by having a strong password encryption that protects you sensitive data from being edited and printed which renders any attempt to retrieve the data useless.

Thing can turn out pretty ugly if in a not-so-remote situation where you are the rightful owner of the PDF content has forgotten the password. This can spell disaster if you are in a hurry to edit the content. Fortunately, the password can be removed by using PDF Password Remover Tool.

PDF Password Remover tool is a freeware can easily remove password from PDF file thus allowing us to edit, select & copy text, print and virtually anything on the content.

How to remove PDF password with PDF Password Remover Tool?

Initiate PDF Password Remover Tool. Select the PDF file you intend to have password removed through “Open PDF file”. Specify where you want to save new PDF file (password removed) via “Save PDF file” button. Click convert button to initiate the process.

PDF Password Remover Tool interface

That’s it.

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