5 Best VoIP phone software [Mac]


1. Ventrilo

Ventrilo is one of the best software in Voice over IP (VoIP) industry. Ventrilo VoIP provides unique sound effects and perfect surround sound positioning on a per user, per server, per channel or global configuration level. Ventrilo VoIP system offers its users fully customization on how they want to hear sounds from some events or other users.

Ventrilo is so synonymous to the minimal use of CPU resources and the superiority of sound quality. With minimal CPU usage, it will not interfere with our routine on PC. Its intuitive interface with commonly used features are instantly visible making Ventrilo VoIP a perfect Mac VoIP software choice.

Download link: Ventrilo

2. VoIP tracker

VoIP tracker is as a monitoring app for VoIP devices. VoIP Tracker works by displaying basic details about your VoIP device so you do not need to browse via an internet interface. With VoIP tracker, restarting VoIP system is only a click away. VoIP Tracker also allows Mac to interact seamlessly with your VoIP device. VoIP tracker is available for free (trial) for 15 days.

Download link: VoIP Tracker

3. Telephone

Telephone is a VoIP system that allows you make a phone call over the internet. Any standard phone calls can be made through any suitable Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) providers. You also can download Telephone from Mac App Store.

4. Zfone

Zfone is a secured VoIP phone app that lets you making secured phone calls over the web. Zfone works together with your VoIP client, by filtering, encrypting and decrypting all of your VoIP media packets as they pass in and out of your PC. The Zfone public beta is currently available for Mac OS X (10.4 or later).

Download link: Zfone

5. Bria 3

Bria 3 is the next generation soft phone app that handles your communications efficiently and quickly from any desktop. With Bria 3, you can make VoIP and Video calls over IP, check contacts availability and deliver Instant Messages. Created on Session Initiation Protocol SIP and open standards, Bria is confirmed to be fully functional with many industry’s standard devices and platforms.

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