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Kingsoft office Professional is not just a contender of Microsoft. It is rather software that is something more than an office suite, which is coming with lots of outstanding features like presentation professional, Kingsoft write Professional and Kingsoft spreadsheet professional. It seems amazing to use this software because its layout is totally the same as it is seen in case of the Office 2010. That is why if you move from that version you don’t feel uncomfortable at all. The software has the ability to work better under low resource of a system and that is why it is ideal for both offices and home as well.

Kingsoft Office Professional 2010

The Office Writer Professional Kingsoft 2010

It is one of the main tools that is found in Kingsoft Office Professional 2010, which is almost the same as the word package of Office 2010. This tool has been used by millions of people across the world and that is why it has been used in this particular package. The most important fact regarding this tool is that it can handle the files that come in Microsoft office version. It is good for the users who already have files that use the same version. He or she thus can edit these files easily using the tool.

You don’t have to pay extra effort to learn the uses of the program because it makes use of the same layout as it is of the Office. If you know how to operate the Word Office, you can use this software quite easily. It is more than a file editing software that includes other features like File tab switch, Cross reference, PDF conversion tools etc.

The Office Presentation Professional of Kingsoft

We have already said that this package combines different software and the Kingsoft presentation professional is one of them. It is outstanding tools that deliver distinct looking presentation to satisfy your customer. You don’t have to worry about the older Power Point files as this software is compatible with all versions of files. You can easily modify the files and save them using the software. The software will help you in creating PDF files or E- book for several readers.

The Spreadsheet Professional of Kingsoft

It is same feature as you find it in MS Excel 2010. It is fully compatible with all file formats that give pleasure of working without any kind of interruption. The.Net support and advanced file structure of the software help to execute a file in less time that increase your productivity. The RC4 encryption makes your file safe and truly secure.

Exciting Features of Kingsoft Office Professional 2010

  • It is compatible with all major forms of Microsoft Office Documents.
  • It is smaller than the Office 2010 (almost 50%) but works two times faster than the previous one. It means that you can deliver more productivity using less resource.
  • The Software includes two major types of interfaces. One is traditional interfaces and other is ribbon interfaces. It is because if a user is familiar with any of the versions he or she can continue with the good work easily.
  • The software helps in managing multiple tabs at once. Thus, you can save time and deliver enough productivity.
  • It comes with an automatic and powerful spell check system that ensures that not a single spelling in your word document is wrong and you can prevent them from passing away to customers and clients.
  • There is hardly any one in the world who can negate the power of a PDF file. This office suite will thus help you to create PDF files using the software.
  • If you use the software, you don’t have to look for videos and images online as the built in stuff of the software does these jobs.
  • It comes in a very affordable price. The price is so surprising that even small business owners can also afford it easily.

How to get FREE license of Kingsoft Office Professional 2010?

Kingsoft is giving away the free license because it is celebrating its 20 years of experience. To avail the license key you have to download the set up of the software from a link below and then have to enter the given license key there.

Official Registration key: BXMCM-UHTL9-XHVJU-E2YFV-NLYDF

Download link: Kingsoft Office 2010

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