Download Windows 8 theme pack for Windows 7 & Windows Vista


Rumor mill for Windows 8 is running wild with the leak of new features that are supposed to be on Windows 8. This is only the beginning and we can expect more exciting news about Windows 8 tweeted and buzzed across the blogosphere this year. There is no information about Windows 8 GUI just yet but Windows fans have already started building their own version of Windows 8 GUI.

Mufflerexoz over at Deviantart has come up with a Windows 8 Visual Styles theme pack for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

This pack contains:

  • Group Taskbar
  • Super Glassy Look at Start menu Panel
  • Newly designed Logon Screen
  • Windows 8 Start Orb
  • Windows 8 Wallpapers
  • ObjectDock Windows 8 Style
  • Windows 8 Longhorn Style Explorer
  • Windows 8 System Properties
  • Windows 8 Logon Screen Style
  • Taskbar Properties
  • Taskbar Icon blue hovering
  • Quick launch blue hovering
  • Taskbar Folder group will be Library Icon
  • Shut down Button Startmenu
  • Taskbar Group Size in 3
  • New Search
  • Explorer Library Icon
  • Windows 8 User Icon

Download link: Windows 7 | Windows Vista


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