First Official Windows 8 Theme: Nightfall and Starlight


The release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview signifies that Windows 8 is approaching final stage of vigorous testings. With positive feedbacks received in general from the community, Microsoft never lets the growing momentum into a decline. Not long after the release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Microsoft unveils the first official theme for Windows 8, namely Nightfall and Starlight. This particular theme specifically produced for Windows 8 features distant stars, galaxies, verdant meadows, seas and mountains.

Unlike the previous Windows themes, Windows 8 theme is designed such that it fits perfectly onto a dual monitor setup. If you have a dual monitor setup you can try it right away but you need to make sure that both monitors are using the same resolutions. In general, many of us are using a single monitor to perform our daily routines. In this case the theme is still working but the images are centered (i.e. you can see the whole images).

Dual Monitor Windows 8

If you have downloaded Windows 8 Consumer Preview from my previous post, you can test the official Windows 8 theme on your machine. The best part about Windows 8 theme is that it changes your glass color to blend with the images. If you are using Windows 8 and want to use Windows 7 themes; no worries. You can still use Windows 7 theme on your Windows 8, it works seamlessly on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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