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It is quite common to find a Word to PDF converter. In fact it is a feature introduced in Microsoft Office 2010. PDF has been a handy format eversince its first creation because of the compressed size that is relatively small and for the fact that it protects documents from corruption. Ok, we have no problem at all to convert Word document to a PDF file.

Converting to Word document from PDF file is not as common as converting Word to PDF because normally we still got source document (a.k.a the Word document) in its original form where we can edit the content right from it. But it’s totally different case if you find a PDF file on the internet (no original document) and you want to change its content.

Convert PDF Files to Word with FlipPDF

“Flip PDF to Word Converter” is a freeware developed specifically to convert a PDF file to a Word document. The software with the size of 1.1 MB is developed by FlipPDF Studio back in 2008. Their products are primarily related to conversion between both PDF and Word formats and most of them are premium software where you need to pay to use them.

flipPDF: Convert a PDF file to Word document

flipPDF: Convert a PDF file to Word document

Flip PDF to Word Converter has 3 modes as follow:

  • batch convert mode
  • hot directory mode
  • A command line mode

Our tests

To test this software, I choose the first mode; batch convert format. 2 PDF files from its own demo and 1 random PDF file from the internet are used to perform the conversion. The conversion took 6 – 8 seconds because the second PDF file is quite big in size. Inspecting the Word documents after the conversion was over, I found that most of content structure has been successfully preserved.

Batch convert mode

Batch convert mode

From several other PDF to Word software that I used previously, this is by far the best PDF to Word software with high preservation rate. You can download and you can learn more about this freeware from the links below.

Download link: Flip PDF to Word Converter | More info on FlipPDF site

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