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Nobody can deny Google is making useful products around us and they are so lightweight and lovable. GMail is one of Google’s best products. Even I’m a loyal Yahoo Mail, I can’t resist myself from using GMail often and more often because it is well connected with other existing products; Youtube, Google+ and Android device to name a few.

With Gmail is becoming my primary mail provider, I tend to do more homework on anything that can increase productivity of using Gmail. One thing that I come across almost everyday when I do blogwalking is Gmail notifier. There are several clients out there but today I will give a start with Mail Notifier.

Mail Notifier

Mail Notifier is actually a free desktop application that can alert you of the new incoming mail from GMail without the need of opening your browser. This small application is not obtrusive at all, it will sit duck in the system tray and will only show up itself when there is new email detected in your GMail.

Mail Notifier windows

Mail Notifier windows

The best part of Mail Notifier is that you can more than 1 Gmail account. If you have multiple Gmail accounts, this GMail desktop notifier is for you.

Setting up Gmail account in Gmail Notifier

Setting up Gmail account in Gmail Notifier

Setting up your existing GMail in Mail Notifier will only take few seconds.

Gmail Notifier preferences

Gmail Notifier preferences

The preferences page has 3 tabs; General, Accounts and Advanced. Under General tab, you have the option to set whether the software should start during startup, updates check and language. Under “Accounts” you can specify at what interval the email check should be carried out and whether to turn off sound effect for incoming mail. Under Advanced Tab you can specify what browser to use to open your new mail.


I know this is your primary concern. Mail Notifier has encrypted connections (HTTPS / SSL) feature. When you click on new email, it will be opened in default browser you set from Advanced tab. You should get Mail Notifier if you prefer simple notifier and when you have multiple Gmail accounts.

Download link: Mail Notifier

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