PeaZip: Free unzip software – Create & extract files in ZIP, RAR, GZip, TAR formats


The safest way to make sure documents or any files transfer to or from are secured from being corrupt is by compressing them into common compression formats such as ZIP, GZip, RAR or TAR files. By doing this, the chance of our files get corrupt when they are transferred through internet or even via pen drive is very slim.

While extracting compressed files can be done by using any compression software, packing raw files into compressed files in a specific format usually require the respective compression software. Installing different software onto the same PC that can carry the exact same operation is not efficient; it’s a waste of hard drive space and it can converge into software conflict.

The best way to get around this problem is by having a universal compression software that can compress and extract virtually any compression format. PeaZip is a versatile freeware that can actually create, encrypt and extract documents of almost compression formats.

PeaZip interface

PeaZip is available for download and is available in Linux system, 32 bit or 64 bit Windows. PeaZip is also available as a portable software.

Even though it is a freeware it has premium features that also available in a paid compression software. While splitting your files into smaller chunks, it is able to further reinforce the security by having password protect and a strong encryption to secure your files.

PeaZip - Extracting

If you have a headache of having multiple compression software, you can always try PeaZip. There is nothing harm in trying this software because it’s totally free. Give a try and decide later whether you need the other compression software.

Download link: PeaZip

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