Second Sign-in Verification Login to secure your Yahoo Mail [Beta]


Google has started the 2-steps verification login since February 2011. It is a wonderful security feature and it is a great relief to many that have their sensitive personal and business data rely mostly on Google services. To those who are not familiar with this feature, it basically prevents unauthorized attempt to login into your account and make it hard for culprits to get into your account.

2-Steps Verification Login serves as a second layer protection. When the stealer has gained your username and password or even has successfully guessed your password, he still needs to get through the 2-Steps Verification which its temporary pin keeps changing for every 60 seconds. The randomly generated pin is only available from your device making any attempts to break through useless.

With the successful implementation on Gmail, Yahoo is taking the right direction by employing the same security feature on its yahoo mail services. Even though it is still in beta version, the security feature seems solid.

How to activate Yahoo 2-Steps Verification Login?

1. Visit the following page (of course make sure you are logged in).

2. Tick the box to turn on the security feature. When you tick the box, you will be prompted for a valid mobile phone number.

3. You can either enter a new phone number or you can simply use the phone number that is already associated with your Yahoo account. After you have entered your phone number, a verification code will be sent to your mobile.

4. After entering the verification, the second sign-in verification is now activated. You will be given 2 options

  • Use either my security question or mobile phone number for verification.
  • Use only my mobile phone number for verification.

As this post is written, the beta version of second sign-in verification login is only available in the US, Canada, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Mexico.

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