WLAN Optimizer: Optimize your Wireless Connection


Today’s internet connection has seen tremendous changes as compared to 5 years ago. Finding wireless connection while on the go was almost scarce back then but today the wireless connection is almost everywhere. When you travel and you have business to catch up, wireless connection seems pretty important for you.

Normally when reach a spot your PC or your notebook will scan for wireless hotspot available within its vicinity. When the normal background scan is done regularly it may be interrupting your activities that require a consistent internet connection such streaming video or playing games online. WLAN Optimizer is a portable freeware that can turn off the wireless connection background scanning. By turning off the scanning process, it effectively removes lag spikes.

WLAN Optimizer which compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 has simple interface so you basically don’t have to really tweak the settings to get the optimum result. When it runs, it will automatically turn off the background scan. The auto config can be disabled from the app but you need administration access.

It won’t bring any harm for you to try WLAN Optimizer doesn’t bring harm to you. What it essentially does is optimize your wireless connection when it starts and when you exit the program it simply store everything to its default values.

Download link: WLAN Optimizer

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