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The popular video calling software, Skype is now updated to version 5.8. Even though it has been updated to 5.8, it cannot be automatically upgraded through Skype’s update system. However, the upgrade is available through its official page. This may happen due to synchronization glitch that prevents the update checker from picking up the latest software from the server. That said, the issue is only momentarily and should be fixed in no time.

If you plan to update to the latest version through Skype’s official page, make sure to log in onto Skype before you can initiate the upgrade. Alternatively you can upgrade your Skype via Softpedia website, that way you don’t need to go through the sign-in process.

Skype 5.8

Skype 5.8

In this latest version, there are several improvements and new features being introduced on the software. You can learn detail changes from the Skype’s official blog.

What’s new in Skype 5.8?

Anyway, one of the new features is the support for full HD video calling. HD quality video calling requires a broadband connection of minimum 2 MB/s and a HD webcam (for example Logitech C920). Skype 5.8 also supports the video calling from the well-known social networking site, Facebook (note: it’s still in beta phase). Group sharing is another feature in Skype that allows us to share our screen or any opened application with other participants without interrupting the video streaming. This feature essentially makes any kind of sharing (presentation etc) easily accessed by the defined group.

Skype 5.8 further enhances itself by supporting “Push-to-Talk” feature. This feature lets us set a hot key that can easily toggle on and off of our microphone and can be extended to disabling/enabling mute option.

What else you need to know?

Like any other software, by default Skype is set to start when Windows starts. In order to disable this setting, go to Tools > Options > General settings.

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